L'Oréal Paris

The Challenge #1: When people think beauty and fashion, they think red carpet. But the looks you see coming down the carpet are not the most attainable and sometimes unrealistic. L’Oreal sets out to change this.

The Generation Z(ero) attention span-Solution #1:


In stepped: Beauty live from the red carpet... We worked with the brand to create real-time, shoppable tutorials featuring the beauty looks coming down the red carpet—all on social media and in real time. We set up a content studio in NYC and invited top tier beauty influencers to create the content along with a skilled team of designers, illustrators, copywriters and strategists.

The Change: For the first time ever, L'Oréal made red carpet beauty achievable for the everyday woman in real time. At the time, we controlled 80% of beauty-related Twitter chatter and the activation generated 21.8 million impressions and 234,000 engagements.

Redefining Social Voice

The Challenge #2: Modernize L’Oreal’s content approach, aesthetic and voice for their loyal fanbase of over 1M+ on social media.

The Generation Z(ero) attention span-Solution #2:


We rebuilt the brand strategy from the ground-up including introducing “Camille,” our muse and voice for the brand on social media. The new strategy featured:

- Content studio to produce recurring content series and video
- Tracking online and offline sales from social media with Oracle
- A collective of YouTube influencers
- Red carpet live events

The Change: The brand went from generic and unmemorable to a critically-acclaimed social voice that beauty-mavens clamored to.

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