The Challenge: Create sentimental Holiday campaign because Macy’s was a brand founded on the value of “believe.” Make America, and Google, believe in Santa again.

The Generation Z(ero) attention span-Solution:


When Macy's looked for a new Christmas campaign, their brand research showed that they had equity in their “Believe / Yes, Virginia, there is Santa Claus" campaign in 2015. However, today, when children wanted to know “is Santa real?”, they went straight to Google and the answer they found was an emphatic “no”. To combat this, we modernized Macy’s OG concept for a new generation.

In stepped: The Santa Project. It was an ambitious, nationwide mission designed to overcome internet cynicism with positive expressions of belief. The brand called on people of all ages to post a photo, message or video with #SantaProject via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to show their support.

The Change: We generated enough buzz that we changed the very fabric of Santa SEO, so when children searched him, the results were overwhelmingly hopeful in regards to his realness. *Watch our full case study recap to the left, to the left*